Modernize your assisted living facilities

Habwise improves living conditions for the people in your care.

Nightime safety lighting. Automatic illumination when your clients get up after hours.

Control in their hands. Clients have access to control their lighting and lock their doors.

Comfort. Easy to use thermostat control via our app or through voice assistant.

Custom solutions. Create your own custom solution to fit the needs of those in your care.

Habwise Helps Your Facility Run More Efficiently.

Safety & Security. Cameras give caretakers view of property and clients.

People will have an easier time entrusting you with their loved ones when they see this technology.

Slip & Fall Alerts. Sensors detect when someone gets up at night, but doesn't return.

Lock and unlock the doors around the property with the click of a button.

Call 833.HABWISE today to learn more about how Habwise improve the living experience in your facility